The Big News: We are traveling for 1 year


“THEY ARE GROWING UP SO FAST!” …That’s where this whole idea started.

You hear it from every direction, but it was only in the last 18 months that I really started to feel it.  They really are growing faster than seems possible. We are on the brink of teenage years and on the brink of a chapter that once started can only end in an equation of subtraction. I have reflected a lot over the last year. I have been considering the time I’ve had with my little family of 5, and how we want to spend these last chapters that we will get to be together under one roof. The same answer came to me over and over.  I just want to be with them more. Breathe them in, love them, and learn who they are even deeper. Grow. Bond. Strengthen. Laugh. Love. Serve.

I want to soak up as much of their childhood as I can. Instead of wishing for more time, I want to make more time. That’s when Taylor (the hubs) and I started to talk more and more seriously about doing something crazy! Something that would truly break down all of the walls, all of the distractions, and put us in a new environment of just the five of us. So…

Family traveling the world for one year StimmelFamily38StimmelFamily34StimmelFamily20C
On June 20th, we will be embarking on our biggest adventure yet. We will be leaving the United States, our home, our friends, our family, and everything that we know and are familiar with for a chance to experience life in a whole new light.
We will be starting a travel blog soon to share all the details, but for now I’ll touch on your biggest questions… And if I miss any, leave a comment and I’ll answer you in the comment section!
Our route is not set in stone, but the current itinerary includes England, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Italy and France, Ireland. (If you’d like to work with me in one of these countries, shoot me a note.) Is there anywhere you think we absolutely must go, or somewhere in any of these countries that we must stop to see? Please leave a comment and let us know.  We’d love your help planning our adventure!
I will continue to work and am currently planning to keep morning hours from about 7am to noon. Taylor is going to be in charge of the education (our school that we will be pulling the kids from for one year has been amazingly supportive and helpful in getting us prepared – as well as my dear friend, Heather, who is starting an amazing Home School Blog). In each country, we will be renting a house for about a month at a time so that we can truly begin to learn the culture and see the sites. We are planning to use AirBnB for most rentals. Then we’ll be off to our next country. We are a huge foodie family (our 11 year old Adi, dreams of being a chef) so we are going to make a huge part of our travels food! Learning how to shop, cook, and enjoy the foods of each country.
I’ll be doing a live Periscope tomorrow (Thursday, 5/19) at 10am PT.   You can drop your questions in the comments, and we will start working on a Q&A post. Also, make sure you get on this list to find out when our travel blog goes live!

Want to come along? I’ll be posting the amazing places we’ll see + the behind the scenes of making this adventure a reality on Instagram (@LeahRemillet).


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