First Stop: London

Not even going to lie. It was a rough start! We got off the plan in London to find out that our place to stay had fallen through. Nothing like a little stress after a 9 1.2 hour flight to get you going.

We ended up finding a hotel for the night and then decided we’d figure the rest out once we were checked in. Well, we accidentally booked ourselves into a theme park. Not awesome when you have 3 kids really good at, ‘pleeeease!’ But we withstood and we did get to see some Safari animals right from our hotel room window. Plus there was a little free area hotel guests could walk around so we took full advantage of the too.

The next morning we woke up with a new AirBnB to check into so we thought we were good to go. We were wrong. I tell you, our first few days had some really poignant lessons in them! We lasted there for not even 10 minuted before we called back the taxi. (I promise this story has a happy ending). We ended up booking a hotel-apartment for the few days we had in London before we headed to Scotland.

So with our first housing debacle solved we got to actually start enjoying and seeing the incredible city of London!

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FullSizeRender 5IMG_9266 London really does feel as magical as I always believed it would. IMG_9340
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