Taylor (the dad)

394653_10151706479929156_1926437324_nI’m ruggedly handsome. That’s really all you need to know.

Not buying it? Okay, well. Back home I’m a DC (Doctor of Chiropractics), but this year I have a sugar mama, so I’m taking the year off while we travel . Instead, I’m in charge of the kids homeschooling while we’re on the go.  I guess I’ve traded in Dr. Stimms for Professor Dad.

I’m most excited to go to: Thailand and Bali

5 Random Facts about me:

  1. I’m an obstacle course racer (OCR). My favorite are the Spartan Races. I’ve done 18 so far and earned multiple trifectas. My goal is to earn a couple more trifectas while we travel.
  2. I love the outdoors. I like to fish, hunt, hike, wakeboard, snowboard…. You name it and I’ll try it. (Unless it’s sky diving – then I’m out). But Shark diving, I’m in and I’ve done it.
  3. I was on the Price is Right back when it was still Bob Barker. I spun a dollar on the wheel and made it to the showcase showdown. Where I sadly overbid and heard the audible “ooooh” from the embarrassed-for-me audience.
  4. I really like musicals. My favorites are West Side Story and Fiddler on the Roof (you weren’t expecting that one were you?) I often try to make our life a musical (my family loves it – no they actually don’t). But they do, they just don’t know it.
  5. I knew I was going to marry my wife the moment I meant her. It was October 2nd, 2000.