Paysen_1I’m 8. I’m the youngest and I don’t have a brother (but I want one).

I love to ride my bike, my roller blades, my skis, my scooter, my wakeboard. Pretty much anything, but of course I couldn’t bring any of those in my suitcase.

I’m most excited to go to: Paris, France

5 Random Facts about me:

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was three and I even got to wear contacts when I was 4 but then I had to switch to a bi-focal. I’ve had eye surgery once so far and I got a huge lego set for being so brave.

I also love to play Minecraft and share YouTube tutorials for kids HERE.

My favorite book is Diary of Wimpy Kid but I’m reading the Harry Potter series right now.

I’m hoping my parents will let me be a derby racer when we get back home.

I like trying weird foods. I’ve tried Escargot, Oysters, Beef Carpaccio (raw steak), Frog Legs (which I loved), Alligator, Pickled Herring, to name a few. And I love exotic cheeses, seafood, clams, crab, lobster, shrimp… so good!