Leah (the mom)

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by and getting to know us.

LeahI’m the writer (most of the time) behind this blog. I’m also mom to this clan and the CEO behind Leah Remillét International INC.  My little company helps creative entrepreneurs find strategies for success in their businesses so that they can live their best lives.

Through this year abroad I will continue to girl boss it up in the mornings while the kids and Professor Dad do lessons. But it really wouldn’t be possible without the support of my incredible team (all working virtually through out the US and Australia).

I’m excited to be hosting a few live events including 2 Thrive Mastermind Retreats while we travel (One in London and one is Australia) but mostly my work will all stay online.

Where I’m most excited to visit: The UK and  New Zealand

5 random facts about me: 

I love to cook! I taught myself with a notepad and pen watching Food Network shortly after getting married. I really wanted to cook for my new husband but up until then, even boxed mac&cheese stumped me! So I sat down for hours and hours and learned from greats like Paula Dean, Giada De Laurentiis, and Bobby Flay. I love fresh ingredients (especially herbs), pan sauces, flavored sea-salts and I refuse to apologize for my love of garnishes (everything should be garnished!).

My entrepreneurial journey actually started with a camera in 2008. I built my photography business to 6-figures within 18 months of picking up a camera for the first time, but my heart has always been in sharing and all I kept thinking was, ‘I’ve got to show others how I’m doing this.’  Leah Remillét International INC. has become the home where I can invite fellow creatives in and share with them my strategies for running a successful business that does not compete with your family life.

When I was in 8th grade, I went an entire year wearing orange every day. I’m not really sure what that phase was about. My only explanation is that when I do something I’m 100% committed.

I don’t know how to drive a stick. Which is fine unless you’re ever on the Amazing Race and then it’s not really okay. It’s also not okay if you ever want to give your husband a break from driving while traveling in most other countries. Sorry babe.

We owned and lived on a Christmas tree farm, and I’ve also lived on a boat as a kid in Seattle (yes, your real life sleepless in Seattle)… And in 25 some other houses in-between. Even though I actually love and crave constant…. I seem to repel it as you’d never know it to look at my track record (or our current living choice for that matter).