Gabriella ReadingI’m 10 and I fall in the middle. I love being the middle child!

I love to draw, sing, perform and write. I also love reading, especially anything to do with Harry Potter, I’ve read everything JK Rawlings has written. She’s my favorite.

I’ll be sharing what it’s like to travel as a kid and interesting things I find and learn as we go. For example, did you know that if you ever travel in the UK, you’ll need special outlet converters and if you can’t figure out why your oven or an outlet doesn’t have any power, it’s probably because you need to flip the switch? I’ll be sharing more travel tips and facts on our YouTube Channel.

I’m most excited to go to: Italy, and see anything to do with Harry Potter! 

5 Random Facts about Gabriella :

  1. I love to sing. I got to perform solo for my first time singing The National Anthem for my school assembly in first grade. It was awesome!
  2. I love macarons! Love, love, love them! Pistachio macarons are my favorite. I can’t wait to try real french macarons when we are in France!
  3. I love pink! When I was little I got really upset because my sister got a green day (turns out that was St. Patricks Day) and there was no pink day, so my mom made everyone where pink on valentines day just for me. Right now I even have a pink strip in my hair that my Auntie DeeDee did for me right before we left on our trip.
  4. I love to sew. I’ve sewn pillows and clutches and am now teaching myself to cross stitch while we travel since my sewing machine had to stay home.
  5. I’d bet that I  know more about Harry Potter than most adults! In fact when I was 8, we went on a cruise and there was a HP trivia night and I won second against all the grown ups. But they were in groups and my group was no help cause it was my family and none of them had read the books yet. I’m always trying to get people to talk Harry Potter with me and do trivia challenges with me. So far on our trip we got to go to Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour (it was my birthday present), the PotterTrails walking tour in Edinburgh, Scotland and we went to Kings Cross to visit Platform 9 3/4.